Ability to Change the Dataset Type

jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

Hi, I would like the ability to change the dataset type (not the field type, but the dataset type itself - SAP, Oracle, etc) in multiple places.


1. In Workbench after the job is created (can set it during creation, but then cannot change it afterward)

2. In dataflows, abilty to set the output type (everything is set as a dataflow output, would like the ability to still mark it as SAP, Oracle or something custom)

3. In the dataset view in Domo, the ability to modify the dataset type


Along with this, the ability to upload custom impages to designate custom dataset types in the Admin section (like our store POS system has a custom name called Oasis and I would like a custom icon for it).






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  • I like this idea.


    As a workaround currently, we use the newly added "add tags" feature on datasets and dataflows to mark, which systems or teams they belong to. This allows us to filter on these tags and easily find datasets or dataflows that correspond to the request.



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  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    We use those too along with dataset naming conventions, but the ability to have different icons is a big deal for our 50+ card creators to easily identify what they are working with.  




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