Using LIKE operator in Beast Mode

I am tryign to sum values based on two criteria. This is what I have come up with but it says there is a syntax error. I am not to sure how to use the LIKE and IN operator as I could not find much info on them. 


 SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN  `Travel Location` like 'Domestic' and 'International'  THEN `Entered Hours` END)



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  • Valiant
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    I'm not sure what your result goal is, but this will fix the syntax error. Gave you one of each method as an example:

    SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN  `Travel Location` like 'Domestic' and `Travel Location` like 'International'  THEN `Entered Hours` END)

    SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN `Travel Location` IN ('Domestic','International') THEN `Entered Hours` END)

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  • Hi @Valiant


    I tried the second one and I was able to validate it. I have a Stacked Bar chart that has a series seperating the amount of hours worked by domestic travel, international travel, and no travel (all in a column called travel type). The stacked bar sorts by the overal total but I am trying to only sort it by the total amount of travel. 


    I have struggled with trying to figure this out using beast modes so I made a new dataflow that makes each type its own column and was able to somewhat sort it that way plus or minus a few categories. I am now trying to apply the same concepts to see if I could figure it out using a beast mode. 


    To sort using the new dataflow I made a beast mode called total travel that just added the values from eac row ( 'Domestic' + 'International') then I sorted using that beast mode in descending order with SUM aggregation. 


    Now I am trying to do it without using the new dataflow by making the beast mode you suggested but it is not working in the same way.