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Our sales leaders would like to be able to view how any given sales rep or team's sales funnel changes over time whether it be from week to week, month to month, etc. I can visualize other use cases of this problem such as viewing lead score changes over time as well. 


We currently capture Opp sales stage changes by date, i.e. Stage A date = 1/1/2018, Stage B Date = 2/1/2018, Stage C Date = Null, etc.


Any ideas for how we could tackle this?




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    Hey @clloyd01


    The easiest way is to use Period-over-Period Charts. You can then use filters to get the teams or individuals you want to look at and can use the date range to select whether it's DoD, WoW, MoM, QoQ, or YoY. If your data is too wonky to work properly with these card types, you can either clean it up or use a DataFlow to do it instead.

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