Add categorical functions to workbench

There is currently no way to add cetegorical batch information to workbench runs. 


Adding a feature that resembles the ETL 'Add Constant' or an option for pulling in meta data from the datasource, such as date mondified, date created or even file name would help when aggrigating large sets of contiguous data. 


Sample case: 

 When pulling in a report that is auto-generated monthly and has same fields over a period of time (historic transaction data true at the time of pull,) and want to compare rows with same unique id over a period of time.  The rows currently would appear EXACTLY the same with no field to differentiate.  

It is necessary to indicate that there is a difference between the different rows with the same unique ID - that differentiator could be the date that row was pulled from, or the name of the report it came from,   or a custom add that could be changed for each batch. 

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