Row Limit for Append Rows?

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I created one dataset via email and the update mode using Append.

We plan to update 50,000 rows to the dataset daily, so the data will be very big in the near future(2 years),

So our question is is there the row limited for the dataset?

Is there any influence on the cards related to the dataset in the near future?




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    We don't have dataset row limits, just overall account row limits depending on the Domo package you have. With our Professional and Enterprise plans, these row limits are not likely to impact an individual dataset. To avoid performance issues, I would suggest avoiding the following with large datasets:

    • LIKE functions in Beast Modes saved to the dataset
    • DISTINCT functions in Beast Modes saved to the dataset

    Otherwise, you are not likely to run into limitations with performance or data size. If you feel you are at any time, please reach out to your Support and Account resources to explore other solutions. If you have additional questions about dataset size and performance with growing datasets, please don't hesitate to post them in this thread.



    Darius Rose
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