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We're working on transitioning the attached Excel report to Domo; however, we're struggling to find a method for doing so. 


This report shows, by customer, when we have assets deployed (as indicated by a filled-in black cell, grey indicates refurbishment of the asset). This allows for us to create a utilization map for quick analysis. 


Any help would be appreciated. 



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    You may consider creating a Sumo table for this use case. You could have the data in an unpivoted format to prepare for this approach. For example, you could have a few columns, such as: Date, Customer Name, TS-01-001,TS-01-002, TS-01-003, etc.  


    With the data in that format, you could then pivot the data using a Sumo card. Here is information about that chart type:



    Once you have the Sumo table pivoted the way you want it, you can then apply conditional formatting to each column to apply color formatting.


    I hope that provides a good solution for your use case!



    Darius Rose
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