Option to show r squared value and regression line equation when adding trendline

It would be nice to know the fit of the trendline added through the "Regression Line" option by being able to portray the r squared value and regression line equation on the line graph. 

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  • bigdatadojo2000
    bigdatadojo2000 St. George, Utah 🟠

    This is essential. The formula must already exist for the line to be charted, so why not make it displayable?

  • Dean_Wangerin
    Dean_Wangerin Minneapolis, MN 🟠

    Wanted to add that this should be available for each trend line, if multiple lines are shown on the graph.


    Whenever a regression line is shown, the first question everyone has is what's the R-squared, followed closedly by what's the T-stat.  Without these you don't know if you're looking at a real trend or just noise.

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