Adding an email address to table

I'm trying to add a clickable email link to a table.  From reading through other posts, I know it has to be some form the CONCAT below.  When I try to use what I've written, it doesn't do anything, doesn't open an email message, nothing.  What am I missing?


CONCAT('<a href="mailto:',`Email`,'">','Send Mail','</a>')


In the table itself, the field appears as follows: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Send Mail</a>


What am I missing?

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    Do you have a default email client selected for your system?  It may be local to your system?  Does clicking that same mailto in a dummy HTML file that you open in a browser open a mail client? Matt




    Thank you!  For some reason, Outlook was not marked as the default client.  It works now.