User defined functions for Beast Mode?

Is it possible to create user defined functions that can be called in Beast Mode?  I'm creating Beast Modes for summaries in the top left of a visual, and it's getting ridiculous & unwieldy pretty quickly.  In order for it to look reasonable, I need to format and abbreviate the numbers, similar to how it's described in this post: 


When creating summaries with several numbers, and mathematical operations on those numbers, this method makes the code get absurdly long.  Is there a way to create a function, i.e. FORMATX(number), that could be called in Beast Mode to format the number correctly?


If not, is it at least possible to use 1 Beast Mode calculation in another, to break up the code into readable pieces?


I have a feeling there's no good way to do this, but I'm hoping someone might have a better idea.


Thanks for any help!

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    Unfortunately, no. 

    Nested beast modes, or beast modes within beast modes, is a hotly requested feature.  There should be several posts in the ideas exchange that you can search out and upvote for exposure.

    Domo's very aware of feature requests like this, but it wouldn't hurt to advocate through any channel you have available to you, whether the ideas exchange here, through the Feedback option of the main Domo menu, through your account rep or success manager, or all of the above.

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  • That's the answer I was expecting, but had to check.  Thank you for suggestions to upvote the feature.