Domo Connector for Kibana

Hi all,


We have a lot of metrics on Kibana that we'd like to get on Domo, in the interests of having all our data visualistaiton in one place. Has anyone built a connector/linked the two in the past, and if so, how did you go about it? Any advice or recommendations welcomed!




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  • Thank you for these! That's really helpful.

  • Hi @sophiecs would you be able to share the Kibana API doc links for the APIs your using as well? Thanks!

  • Hi @jonbrown ,


    We didn't actually end up going down the API/connector route: we couldn't make it work for us, and it would have taken too long.


    What we ended up doing was sending the Kibana logs to an S3 bucket in AWS each day (so each day's logs sits within its own subfolder) and then copying these over to Redshift in a postprocess; cleaning and aggregating it; and THEN uploading to Domo.


    Sorry not to be more help, but hopefully this helps you to find a workaround of your own!