DataFlow Status Board

As our Domo usage grows it gets harder and harder to keep track of all DataFlows that are running. It would be great, especially now with the scheduler, to see when peak run times are for our flows or even have a "status" dashboard that shows a grid of all flows and if they are running, broken, disabled or idle (color coded statuses, green = running, yellow = idle, red = broken, gray = disabled or something like that).


We have been running into an issue where a flow takes almost 12 minutes to run but 11 of the 12 minutes is because the flow is trying to connect to the MySQL server. The only assumption we can make is that we have too many flows running at once causing a hangup. Without a tool, much like the one described above, we have no way to know if that's true and if there are ways we can spread out our flows to allow the ability for more ad-hoc queries. 



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