Page Delete - Warning of Child Pages, Also logging of Child Page Delete when a Parent Page is delete



When a parent page is deleted in Domo there should be a message indicating that the child pages will also be deleted (and indicate the cards/ids which will be orphaned, and page/ids that will be deleted).


Here is the scenario:

  1. Parent Page: Create a parent page called 'Test-Parent'
  2. Sub Pages: For that parent: Create 2 sub pages 'Test-Sub1' and 'Test-Sub2'. 
  3. Cards on Sub pages:
    1. On page 'Test-Sub1' i have a card named 'Test-Sub1-Card' and a card named 'Test-Sub1-Card2'. 
    2. On page 'Test-Sub2' i have a card named 'Test-Sub2-Card1'
  4. Now in the Admin area, delete the Parent page.

Notice the following:

1. A message indicates that 1 page is being deleted, which we expect is the parent page, but in fact both of the child pages are also being deleted.

2. The activity log indicates that the parent page was deleted, but no record of the child pages being deleted.


So as you can see, this could cause a big problem really quickly.   It'd be great if that page delete dialog could be enhanced, to indicate that while you are deleting the parent page, you are also deleting every child page of that parent, Including a listing of all the pages/ids that will be deleted would be helpful.  It'd be great if it could also list the cards/card ids which will be orphaned once the delete is executed.


Related to this request, is enhancing the activity log to reflect that the child pages were also deleted would be helpful!


Thank you!


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