Changing the email login for a user in SSO

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If you have enabled SSO and run across a user that you've previously set up in Domo but in the idp they use a different email they won't sync to Domo.  They'll come over as a new user vs just an authenticated user that you've already set up.



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    To fix it, you have to disable SSO, close your browser, open it back up...change the email address for the user (which you can't with SSO enabled)...then turn SSO back on (where you may have to re-configure it).  


    Just FYI in case you need that info.



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    you can update a user's email with the API. I already had a script that changes termed employees to Social so I hijacked that script to change a user's email


    $Authentication = Get-Authorization -clientID $apiKey -clientSecret $apiToken
     $headers = @{
     Authorization = $Authentication.access_token
     $person = @{
     email = '[email protected]'
     role = 'Participant'
     roleid = 4
     $json = $person | ConvertTo-Json###

     $post = Invoke-WebRequest -Method PUT -Uri "" -UseBasicParsing -Body $json -Headers $headers -ContentType 'application/json'