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I have a dashboard where users would like to filter the data at month level. So i created a column that contains month names like - January, February, ....... and an year column so users can use these two columns as page filters to see the data for desired months.

The challenge i see though is the months aren't sorted in the sequence of months. Instead of showing January on the top in the drop down list, it shows April, August and so on ...... sorted based on the aplphabetical order.




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  • I am also running into the same issue as well and it doesnt seem to have been resolved since you posted this almost 2 years ago. I wish they could program the month column to sort by month order and not default it to alphabetical or having to make a seperate beast mode to sort months numerically. This lack of functionality also translates to messy Sumo cards when trying to include months as either a column or row variable. 

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