Adding a column to a datasource in Domo Workbench breaks ETL transform (Redshift SQL)


I was hoping anyone might be able to help me out with this.   I am using Domo Workbench to extract from a SQL Server ODBC source (instance is on-premise behind a VPN), and added a column that was needed to an existing source, but after reuploading the data to Domo, an ETL Redshift transform using it now errors, saying "DataSet doesn't exists" with no other details.  I can only assume that it was the Data source that was modified, so I've tried to delete it from the transform and try again, and ran through each part to "Run SQL" and all works fine, but when running the transform always errors within a second



Best Answer

  • Sorry, this was not a problem with the data source.  The issue was that one of the outputs was deleted, so recreating those deleted outputs in the transform fixed the issue.


  • I would say start by checking that hte updated dataset is indeed there and that it has the data you expect it to have and the column names are as you expect them. Workbench is known, at least to me, to throw curve balls like that.