Connecting to Oracle Database using 'Service Name' and NOT 'SID' only

Hi there,


I am new to Domo, but I have seen other departments at RMIT University using this product, so I have a fairly good idea of how it looks and feels.


I took the trial version and tried connecting to an RMIT internal Oracle DB via SSH and there is only the option of connecting to the DB via a SID and there is no place to change the SID option to a service name. I HAVE to use a service name as we do not get a SID for our DB.


I have attached my DB information I had to input in Datagrip to connect to my Oracle DB. Is there a way in which we are able to input the same details in the Domo Oracle Database Connector as well?


Looking forward to some help or enhancements from the developers, if that is what this needs.




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