I want to get data out of DOMO and send back to database

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There is a card in domo which updated daily from a manual csv upload. I want the card data to get out of DOMO and write it to a table in the database. Is it possible? I heard we can use python to grab the data from DOMO. If so, where can I find the possible scripting? Thank you

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    We were able to leverage the domoR package as well as the Python to retrieve Domo data and save to a MSSQL database, just depends on your preference. Fairly certain they all hit the same API endpoints.


    Using Python, we used pypyodbc to create a database connection, and then execute an insert statement into the appropriate table.


    This is Domo's official example for exporting a dataset using Python: https://github.com/domoinc/domo-python-sdk/blob/master/examples/dataset.py


  • This isn't an elegant solution but offering something since noone has responded. 


    You could use the Selenium library (control web browser) to go login to Domo and download a CSV and then use an Excel library such as openpyxl to interact with said CSV. May or may not work for you but it's something.


    The link to the Python SDK for Domo is HERE but I don't see anything about interacting with the data.

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