Cascade Certified Content Name Changes and Certification Deletions

So with the new Certified Content, if you have a name for your certification like "Matt's test cert" and then run some cards and get them certified with this.  You'll get a bunch of "extra" characters because the certification name I guess can't handle the apostrophe correctly.  * so be aware of that *


Next up, if you have certified content with that cert name, you can change the certfication name in your Admin panel - Certified Content.  But since the certification was done under a different name, the name change does not cascade down to the cards with that name change.  So you're left with a card cerfied with one name but in your admin panel you'll see a different one.


Also - if you certify a card with one name...then go in and delete that certification out...the cert will be left on the card.  There should be a way to inform Admins that there is orphaned content out there.

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