Square Root Beast Mode

Is there a way to do a square root in beast mode? This leads to my bigger question about making a beast mode that calculates statistical confidence. I'm not very savvy when it comes to SQL statements, but I can usually manage to get what I need until I tried to recreate the formula contained on this page.


If anyone can help or has any insight, that would be great.


Thank you.





  • In MYSQL, SQRT is function to culcurate square Root.

    But Currently it's not activated it. so it's better to request domo support team.





  • Were you able to resolve this issue or find a workaround? I'm trying to calculate statistical significance in beast mode but may have to resort to a dataflow if we can't get the SQRT function turned on.

  • I wasn't able to get a work around in place. Would you mind sharing your solution once you have it in place?

  • I am going to reach out to support and then also try to do our calc in dataflow. Will update once we've figured it out!

  • @LQualey, please let us know once you hear back :)!

  • @kshah008 @czmudzin


    Have a working statistical analysis formula (2 event, chi-squared), am going through testing phase with client and will work on posting an article on it as soon as we get it stood up. 

  • Are there any updates on this? I am really curious about the implementation. 

  • You can accomplish this using the POWER function in beast mode:




    This gives you a an output of 'Value'^(1/2), which is the same as a square root.