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When you add data labels you have to enter the macro into the Text box and when you click in a hover window pops up with the available choices you can then type in. Since it is limited to these options only why not just make it a picklist? It is essentially a virtual picklist anyways and not immediately intuitive to non-technical people that you have to type in replacement macros in that box to get the lables to appear. I think a picklist would take out an unneccesary step and also help newer users figure out on their own where and how to add lables.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket DOMO-44911.

  • I agree with this suggestion, however would still like to be able to type in a Macro so that I can add additional text as needed. 

    Broadway + Data
  • @Gavatar can you take a look at this please?

  • Thanks for the input. This is definitely one of those cases where we need to take a closer look at power versus ease of use. The reason we use an edit box is because you "can" choose to use any combination of the following:

    Replacement macro (%_VALUE...)

    Any Text (Summer Sales...)

    Combination of macros and text for example (Sales:%_VALUE of TOTAL:%_GRAPH_TOTAL)


    To support the "power" of building the combination we use an edit box. 


    Do any of you find this "power" useful? Now that you know would you ever build a more complex data label?


  • I do that often - for example 


    %_SERIES_NAME | %_CATEGORY_NAME Weeks from Opening | %_VALUE


    But I do still support the picklist idea.

    Broadway + Data
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