Can I bring several line charts into one

I have several line charts, since they are in different scales, so it is not good idea to use mutli-line chart, which will make some category looks too small, is it possible to build something like this?


Thank you.





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    Without resorting to 3 different cards and setting full size to something like 1x3 blocks (which is often how I would handle your scenario), your only other option for having 3 separate y-axis' like your screenshot would be to build a custom card in the design studio.


    When the new Storytelling/Layout functionality is released, you'll be able to size and position 3 different cards very similar to that screenshot. Not sure when that's coming, but I do know it's beta now.


    Let me know if you have any other questions,



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  • Hi, Valiant, 


    thank you very much for the advide.  I have not used Designed studio yet, this will be a good opportunity to learn it.  Also,  good to know the new Storytelling/Layout functionality, hope it will be released soon.





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