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I am currently using the Datasets & Dataflows created by Domo through Domo Stats for tracking purposes (create a notifications dashboard on failed data updates etc.).

Reviewing the fields available, I realised that it would be convenient to add the datasets/dataflows tags in the existing fields. For example, we are working on a project and the notifications dashboard will include datasets & dataflows related to this project only. As a practice we tend to tag the datasets with the name of the project but this is not helpful as tags are not part of the DOMO Stats datasets and, consequently, we cannot use an easy filter. As a result, we decided to add the project name in the datasets & dataflows named. That's not a big issue but we don't want our datasets to keep the name of the project when this is finished. 


Having tags as a field would be much more convenient when filtering in cards.




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  • Any update about Tags as a column or any other way to get a lit of tags for datasets?

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