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We've had a lot of transition in the last year with our Domo account and the previous person did not do a lot of documenting. I am looking for advice on cleaning up and eliminating old datasets so that I can certify and control the number of datasets people are using to create cards. We are also in the process of transitioning from Pardot to Marketo and I do not want to lose data. Advice for preparing for a migration like that?

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  • Hi @AH,

    Something that a lot of clients will use during these clean up phases is the Domo Stats connector. This connector allows you to pull in a dataset that contains information regarding your cards, user acitivty, and most important to your situation, datasets. It will show you owners of the datasets, whether or nor they are active (meaning they are actively having data imported into them) or if they are in a different status. To find this connector, you'll want to go to your main menu > app store > connectors > and search Domo Stats. The setting you'll want to use in this case is "Datasets". You can then build a visualization showing which datasets need attention.


    I hope that helps! 


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  • Thor



    HI @AH!


    To make sure that your users are using the correct/approved DataSets, we recommend using the Tagging feature for DataSets and let your users know to use appropriatley tagged DataSets when building Cards. 


    You can add Tags to a DataSet on the DataSet Overview page, right under the title of the DataSet. This ensures that you can easily search for approved DataSets in the Data Center using the TAG search feature.


    I hope that helps!

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  • thanks, sadly that connector isn't available. I've received an error that says, "there was an error loading this connector, please try again later."