How to set a schedule in domo workbench to run data set twice in a month on specific days?

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  • When I schedule the group of dataset using task scheduler, what should I set the schedule for individual dataset in workbench? 


    For example, I have 4 individual dataset in workbench which are scheduled to be run 1st of every month. But I really want them to run on 2nd and 15th of every month. So, I created a group of these 4 dataset using tools > schedule group > then set trigger as 2nd and 15th of every month. 


    does that mean the individual data sets will run 1st of every month and also on 2nd and 15th of every month? Or the schedule group overide the individual dataset schedule?

  • You can turn the basic schedule off in that case. It does not need to be enabled for the schedule groups to work.



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  • In the basic schedule there is no option to turn off the scheduler, I have set the schedule manual which is what I think you meant. Thanks

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