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I have several graphs that I would like to graph by 6-months/bi-annually.  Since this is not a standard option in the Graph By drop down box, I am not sure how to go about doing this.  

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    Building up on DanB's logic, you can probalby need the following too


    Concat( Year(DateField),'-',

    Case when MONTH(DateField) <= 6 then 'H1' when MONTH(DateField) > 6 then 'H2' end



    Thsi way you woudl get




    And so which you will be able to use as an x-axis


  • Either create a beastmode that groups dates in yearly halves or create a data set with the grouping and joint to your existing data set.

    Then use the grouping in the charts


  • Do you have an example of this?

  • In a Beast Mode calculation, it would be something like:

    Case when MONTH(DateField) <= 6 then 'First Half' when MONTH(DateField) > 6 then 'Second Half' end

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