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We keep track of a complex business process and want to analyze and visualize the volume of traffic between steps, the possible paths between steps, and the wait times at each step. A Sankey diagram is a good match for this problem. I had to look the name of this one up, but most of us will be familiar with the graph type immediately. You know that diagram Ed Tufte declares is the greatest single visualization in history? It's a Sankey diagram showing the troops under Napolean leaving Paris, going to Moscow, and return. (






















We're after something like that - here's a modern example taken from (Yes, it's an entire Web site devoted to Sankey diagrams.)



There's so much data in that chart! It's simple to understand, visually complelling, accurate, and packed with detail. It's a fantastic chart type for our situation, but I can't find anything like it in Domo. It's possible in HighCharts, Tableau, etc. There's an R plugin, but I'm not using R. (I know you can connect R and Domo, but that's as much as I know about it.)

In the good news department, the underlying data for a Sankey diagram like the one above is very, very simple. 


From     To                   Weight 

Forest   Roundwood    7,083,047


So, this is a great chart type, it would be immediately useful, and I bet a lot of people would love it.



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