Beastmode to manually add annual target - entered value is not appearing on card


I'm trying to use a beastmode to add annual target lines to a bullet chart. Below is my case statement:

When `fiscalyear`='2018' then '1900000'
When `fiscalyear`='2017' then '1500000'
When `fiscalyear`='2016' then '1500000'


We have fiscal year defined in our DOMO configuration and I've selected it on the card.


fiscal year in the case statement is a column in the dataset, however this is not the date being used in the chart (that's using full date, but I'm assuming that these will line up due to using fiscal year on the card).


In the bullet chart I've added this beastmode as the target value.


The problem is that the values being displayed on the card are not matching the values entered in the beastmode. Screenshot attached.





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  • user04138
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    I was able to fix this on my own. 


    Just needed to select no aggregation on the target value.