Discussion: Is there a list of hidden features that I can have enabled for my instance?

Does anyone have a list of additional features to add to my companies instance that we don't know we have access to? Since starting with DOMO and couple months ago, we have found many features that have to be requested for our instance. For example:

  • Fiscal Calendars (this was huge)
  • Customizable dataset sharing options
  • Customizable company roles
  • Redshift (in beta so I understand why it's not auto enabled)
  • Dashboards (in beta so I understand why it's not auto enabled)

Any others that may be helpful to us?

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    The beta program is the best way to get access to non-public features.  Dataset Certification, for example.

    Another good way is to have a close relationship with your customer success manager and to make sure he/she is aware of your needs.  They can often align you with the right people and opportunities within product.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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