page filter for more than one datasets and hide the dataset

Hello, I have a couple of scenarios for the page filters, not sure how to do it:


1. Is it possible to hide the dataset, so users will only see the fileds that they can filter out?

2. Is it possible to set up more than 1 datasets and show them at the same time: I created a page using several datasets, and they have different columns for filters.  Currently, only one dataset and its fitlers are shown on the top of the page.   


Any suggestions?


Thank you.




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    Hi, Superman, 


    For this particular case, I only have 2 datasets, and one has 3 fields and the other has 4 fields for filters. Unfortunately, not all fields are same, therefore, the option to "apply it to all" does not work.


    But continue on this "Apply to all" approach:  for the 2 datasets, I can change one of the field to have the same name, e.g as title,  but if I use dataset A, will the selections from dataset B also show up in the drop down list?







  • My first question would be do the datasets share the fields that you want to filter out?  If so, there is an option when you select a page filter to apply it to all datasets on the page. 


    If you have access to the dashboard layouts and interactive filters betas, then you can accomplish this with some of the filter card options. 


    The last option that I can think of is to link to the page from a table card. You can use the fields in a table card as page filters with the right beast mode. 


    Can an you give me an idea of how many datasets/fields you are talking about?

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