Pre Built Data Connector and Work Bench


Wanted to know is there any need of creating a work bench job when we have the pre built data connector?

I ask this because I am trying to mask the data, there is Encrypt data option in work bench, trying to avoid redundancy.




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  • guitarhero23
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    When you say pre built data connector are you talking about a cloud source from one of Domo's ready to use connectors? Which works now, not through Workbench?


    Edit: Saw you post somewhere else about it being Salesforce data.


    I'm not sure how you might encrypt data coming from an online source like that. It's easy if it's a local database or some file that actually goes through workbench. I know a roundabout way of doing it but I think it's too complicated for what you need.


    What sort of masking of data do you need to do and why? Do you need to make it so certain people can't see the data while others can? If so you might want to look into "Personalized Data Permissions" (PDP) so that you can control which users can see which records in a given dataset. Ex. I'm a salesperson named Paul Gilbert so when I looked at the data which contains all sales commisions for the company I can only see ones where SalesPersonName = 'Paul Gilbert'.

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