How to drill down with 2 datasets

I wanted to create a drill down in a card.  The main chart and drill down chart using 2 different datasets, but both have a field called id.  From main chart (a table chart with id in the table), user click the id and drill down to another chart.  But nothing come out.  Did I miss something?


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  • guitarhero23
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    If you had it set like this it would appear correct.


    Dataset 1:





    Dataset 2: 







    You should set the top card with dataset 1 however you like. Then when creating the drilldown switch the dataset to Dataset 2. Make sure Id is on the card you're drilling down to (I can't remember if it's required or not but can't hurt). That's it.


    The caveat though is that if the user clicks on any of the other bits of information you might get no results back because if on the main card they click on the "Name" "Joe" it will attempt to pass the value of "Joe" to the next card. They have to click on an Id

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