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I'm new to Domo and trying to figure out how to group various customer numbers and be viewed as one customer.  I.E. Customer 1, Customer 2, Customer 3 = "Important Customers" and those three customer's sales get added together when viewed as "Important Customers".


Any ideas on how I can achieve this?


Note that I would do this for various customers because our internal system has various customer names and numbers, but are truly one overall customer.


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  • nick_datasift
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    If the customers are all listed in one column pulling from a field you could use a case when function to create a new field to create groupings. Example:


    CASE WHEN `field name` = 'Customer 1' THEN 'Important Customers'


    WHEN `field name` = 'Customer 2' THEN 'Important Customers'


    WHEN `field name` = 'Customer 3 THEN 'Important Customers'


    ELSE 'Other' END



    Field name is just a placeholder for whatever the actual api name of the field is. Using this method you can group and/or rename any of the values from whatever field you are pulling in. After ELSE other is just a placeholder for what you would want it to say if it doesn't meet the criteria you list above. Note that actual fields have to be within back ticks and apostraphes or quotions are used when referencing actual values within the field and for what you want the output to say.


  • Jfazio
    Jfazio ⚪️

    Hi Nick,


    This works well to rename the customers, thank you.  By grouping these though I wanted the sales for a single grouping to be added together to represent the entire grouping rather than each customer stands alone but shares the same coloring on a bar graph.  What logic would I need to build in for this to happen?




  • Jfazio
    Jfazio ⚪️

    Please disregard, I needed to adjust my inputs to the graph.  Your solution worked perfectly.  Thanks again.

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