How to create two running total lines on Y-axis



I want to biuld a card that has two running total lines and bars by customer A and B.


I got the running total bar for both customer A and B but can only get the running total line for customer A.


All those 4 metrics are calculation fields.



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  • Valiant
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    Take a look a the General section under Chart Propertes. I'm not sure which chart you're using specifically but there is normally and option to change the # of seres on the left scale (# of lines vs bars). 


    See if one of those is what you're looking for.



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  • Hi Valiant,


    It works! Thank you so much ?

  • NJT
    NJT ⚪️

    I'm trying to do something similar well someone has asked me to ruin an interactive dashboard by filling it with a bunch of lines that could be viewed one at a time or as a total using the provided filter card. 


    Anyway I have a effective dates X, member counts Y, email preference series Optin, optout, N/A and they wanted a running total for these, now they want a total running total line added to the chart. I can't figure out how to this. 

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