Page Analyzer Link filter not working - Deep Linking

Following the notes on Sample Beast Mode Calculations: Miscellaneous Transforms, the section on Creating Page Analyzer Links (or Deep Linking with Filters).


I am having trouble getting this to work - my first thought is there is some minor syntax issue I am blind to right now.  Hoping another set of eyes can help.  The Field Name I am using is "Marketing Parent Name", I have tried with underlines (Marketing_Parent_Name) and without... makes no difference.  Below is the BeastMode (sensitive info replaced with x's).


Thanks in advance!


CONCAT('<a href=" '


,`Marketing Parent Name`

,'%22]}]" target=%22_blank%22>'

,’Link Display Name



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  • Valiant
    Valiant 🔵
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    Here's a modified version of one I'm using now. 


    Hopefully this helps:

    CONCAT('<a href=''['
    ,'{"column":"Marketing Parent Name","dataSourceId":"xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'
    ,`Marketing Parent Name`
    ,'''target="_blank" title="Open in Domo">','Details','</a>'

    Best of luck,



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  • AWESOME!!!!

  • Hello, Valiant,


    I used this to get to a new page, it works perfect.  However, in my new page, I have some cards built from another dataset.  The second dataset has the same column name as the filter, but the cards did not pick up the fitler.  Do you know how to let the fitler also works for the second dataset?


    Thank you.



  • b_rad
    b_rad ⚪️

    What Chart objects can be used for Page Analyzer Links to work? Also anyone tried/ or made it work for multiple fields with multiple values ?

    Thanks in advance.