How to control page navigation and page contents?

I would like to know How to control page navigation and page contents for groups.


I have spent a lot of time thinking on how the page navigation should work for our various departments but I notice that it isn't that specific way for when people log in.


The same for page contents... as an admin, I'd like to have some pages controlled in how I want the information to be displayed, but it appears that user preferences overrule all of the time?


Please help.  This inhibit my roll out to a larger group.  


Much appreciated!



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  • Nick_Bertz
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    I believe that navigation bar position can be set by using Company pages (available in Admin > Company Settings > Company Page Settings).


    Access would be honored based on what pages individuals or groups have assigned to them.  I'm assuming that page visibility varies person to person in your organization.


    Hope that helps!


  • Matt,


    For our organization we have tied pages with relevant content the users AD Groups (we use SSO), so that each user sees the pages/cards needed for their position (determined by AD group). This way if someone is promoted or changes jobs within the company, as soon as the AD group is updated, their Domo access reflects the changes made.


    Let me know if there is something more specific you're looking to do and I'll try to help.



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  • Thank you for this!  An interesting tip that will be really beneficial!


    BTW, Any idea on how to set & lock the Navigation bar for all users or at least certain groups? 

  • As far as I know, there isn't a way to lock down page navigation for individual users. To be certain, you would need to run that past your account manager and have them confirm with the development team.