Is it possible to create a filter that accepts arbitrary text?

I have a few stakeholders who would like to be able to search our history of Customer Service cases for specific keywords like "Travis" or "Salesforce" or whatever the given flavor of a sales cycle is.


I can easily create cards that use beastmode case statements to find subject lines that contain any given word.... But I really don't want to create a new report every time there is a new key term someone would like to run a search for and instead I would like to expose a dashboard that allows people to do at least a basis search themselves.  However, so far experimenting with quick filters, etc., I haven't found an immediate way to allow a user of a report page to arbitrarily filter a report by some keyword/text phrase. 


In a couple of tests I can easily set up a filter that uses the "contains" operator for a text field, but when I attempt to expose that as a quick filter it defaults to "select a subject line to filter by" rather than presenting an editable text field that would allow searching by an arbitrary token.


Am I missing something obvious?

Or is this just a feature that isn't yet in the domo ecosystem?

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    The closest thing that I have come up with to a solution for this is to use a webform.


    We use this for some financial dashboards because we needed to be able to manually select which month was going to be reported.  I simply created a webform with the fields we needed to be able to filter by.  Then I use the webform as an input in my dataflow with my other financial data.  Now, if I want to recalculate the dashboard for a new month, I simply need to edit the webform and then wait for the data flows to run.




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  • that makes sense - sadly I was hoping to do something a bit more on-demand (there is a lengthy spreadsheet of terms some folks are keen to search some text fields by).  Waiting for dataset refreshes is likely not going to work for our case overall, but is definitely something for me to keep in mind for possible future cases.



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