"Count not run DataFlow" - Why??

I am trying to run a DataFlow using data from an imported CSV.  It says it's running then I get an email saying "Could not run DataFlow" but it gives me no information or error code as to why it will not load:


"The DataFlow SPI_Salesforce_Pipeline_PROD_NEW was unable to run successfully."

Any suggestions?

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  • I figured it out...


    If you view the dataflow "History" tab, on the far right "status" column.  Click the red "Failed" icon and it will take you into a detailed view of that dataflow run.  You can then scroll down to the failed step and it will be highlighted in red.  If you mouse over the failed step it will show you the full error message.



  • If you are viewing the failed data set in the Data Center, you should be able to get some more information by clicking on the "History" tab.1.png


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  • Hello,


    Go to your dataflow in the datacenter, click into it so you see the 'History' tab.


    Click on the status, and review the failed step.  I believe if you hover over the failure it'll provide an indication of what to review.




    Hope that helps!

  • That's what @ST_-Superman-_  posted.  He just didn't have a failed ETL to show in a screenshot.  Shouldn't he have the solution?

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