Add values from Web Form row as Columns to a Dataset



I want to use a web form dataset to allow a user to enter values for 4 variables.  Basically, a single row with 4 columns for the variable values.  I want to then add these values as additional columns to each row in another dataset.  What is the easiest way to do this?


The use case is, I want to be able to use the variables in beast mode calculations on a card but give a business owner the ability to manage the variable values seperately.


For example, if my web form is:

Variable 1Variable 2Variable 3Variable 4


And my dataset is:



I want to append the web form columns to my data set like so:

DatePriceVariable 1Variable 2Variable 3Variable 4

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  • dthierjung
    dthierjung 🟠
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    In order to join two tables horizontally, there needs to be at least one column in common on both to achieve the join you are looking for, so you'd need to add that to each table. After that's, it's a simple join.


    E.g. add a column to both tables with the value of "1", and then join on that new column. Can provide a more specific example if that will help you.


    However, this will result in a lot of duplicate data, which depending on the size of your primary dataset can cause performance issues.


    I realize that Domo does not allow for accepting user input, and this is a creative way to circumvent that limitation, but I recommend reviewing this strategy later down the road.




  • That was actually a surprisingly simple solution that worked perfectly.  The dataset is around 250 rows so I'm not all that concerned with performance at that scale.


    Thanks for the help.