Connecting to the Data Governance connector

I just heard about the Domo Governance connector on another thread, and it sounds pretty interesting.


The log-in procedure for this connector is different than most. You need your Domo subdomain name and an authentication token (API key.)

I've generated the key, put in the required values...and get authentication errors. I've tried a few times, regenreated keys, etc.


I'm using copy-and-paste of both elements to avoid typos.


The user associated with the key has "Admin" rights.


Does anyone know what I might be missing here?





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  • guitarhero23
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    It sounds like you're doing everything right. I just did this today for the first time and it worked fine. Just to confirm you're doing what it sounds like you're doing.


    1: Go to Admin Settings>Security>Access tokens

    2: Clicking "Generate access token

    3: Copying the exact token where it says the warning about not being able to view after

    4: Connecting to the Governance connector by using JUST your company name not the whole URL ex. you would enter "acme" if your URL is normally


    That should work fine. If something there isn't working correctly I'd recommend contacting support.

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  • Thanks for the answer. Confirmed, I followed those steps several times yesterday, using copy-and-paste for both the subdomain/trunk name and the key. No joy. I'll check with support.

  • Hi


    Any idea if there is a QuickStart App coming for Domo Governance? I really like to idea of this but it would simply take too much time I cannot afford to set something up that I could use.