How do I remove duplicate values in my data set?

I have a data set based on a report in Salesforce.

I am trying to create a single bar chart that displays:

X - Created Date

Y - Count of Account (by Account ID)


In my data set, there are multiple rows with the same Account name, but each account has a unique ID. So even though there are 1,070 rows, there are only 905 unique Accounts (based on unique ID).


My report is still capturing every row, but I need it to know that the Account ID's are unique to the Account and to not count the duplicates.

How can I build my report to filter out the duplicate unique Account ID's?

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  • dthierjung
    dthierjung 🟠
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    You can create a BeastMode function which returns the count of distinct (unique) values for a given column like so:


    COUNT(DISTINCT `AccountId`)

    Let us know if that helps you.


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