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We have a server in which Workbench is installed, but are looking to have multiple user accounts to access it. Is it possible for User A to see only their dataset jobs, User B to see theirs, etc.? It appears that currently the domain drives what is seen and we share that. Hope that makes senese. Thank you!



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    Oh no no, just user's who log in to the same server will have access to the jobs stored there. I might have misunderstood yor original question.


    For example, a workbench on a local computer would not be able to see any of the jobs on the server workbench, and vice-versa.


    You can export a job as a json file to import into another workbench, but then both of those jobs point to the same dataset, so you should be aware of that as well.


    To sum it up, each workbench is it's complete own thing. But when users share access to a single instance of a workbench (server for example), then they all see the same jobs that are on that server.


    Does that make sense?


  • If you have a Workbench on a shared server, all users would have access to all jobs.


    You'll want to be very careful with this approach though, as multiple open workbench instances can lead to unexpected results. For instance, if 2 workbenches are open and one user makes a change to a job, then two different versions of the same job execute for two different users.


    The way we approached this was to set specific users who would have access and apply any changes to the server jobs. Other users can develop jobs on their local machines, and then those changes can be put through a process to productionize the changes.


    We also use a (private) git repo to track various job changes so we can see a clear history of those alterations.

  • Understood. Just to confirm, the domain ( is the home of the Dataset jobs, and therefore any user who has access to Workbench within that domain can view/edit/delete any of the jobs there and there is no way to create security around user accounts. Even a 2nd installation of Workbench would end up taking you to the domain, which would still have all of the Dataset jobs.


    Is that correct? Thank you!

  • Yes, it does. Thank you. Was hoping there could be a way to segregate jobs at the server level, but that doesn't appear to be possible. We'll probably just have to work through the admin to load our jobs then. 

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