Showing error when card being saved after putting 'Year' in the filter.

Hi All,

I have a data of last two year (2017 & 2018), in which when i am trying to add year in filter and quick filter it is showing an error when card is being saved. Below is the screenhsot of the particular error. Even though i have converted the year column as text in the ETL. NPS-Error.png

However, when i created a new field in beast mode with same values it is working fine. 

Anyone can help to resolve this issue or faced similar issue. Kindly help or share any solution for the same.


Priya Raj 


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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    I think the issue is the field name. Can you try renaming it to something like `year of survey`?


    It is my understanding that certain field names are already being ‘used’ by Domo, `Year` being one of them. Not sure if there is a list of these available anywhere or not. I would try changing your field name though. That should fix your issue

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  • Yes, You are right ST_-Superman-_. 


    Changing name of field has helped me to resolve this. Thank you very much.



    Priya Raj

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