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I was wondering how in ETL mode, how to change the input dataset name.  Whenever I input a new dataset, the name is the same as the input.  Is there a way to change that?  There is one dataset that has different name and not sure how this was done.  



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    This looks like it was in a SQL dataflow.  In this case, if you change the name of a dataset but don't clear and re-add that dataset in a dataflow, the dataflow logic will retain the old name in the code. 


    For instance, if your dataset was originally called Digital Active Users and you added it to the dataflow, the table name would be called digital_active_users.  If you then changed the name in the data center to Portal Active Users, your dataflow would still reference this dataset as digital_active_users.


    This is so your dataflows won't break every time you change a dataset name.


    If you want to change the name of the table as the dataset is referred to in dataflows, you'll have to remove the input and re-add it as an input dataset.  Then they'll both show Portal Active Users.


    Is this what you're referring to?  That discrepancy?

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  • I believe that the table name is created when you first assign an input dataset to a tile. If you then change the input data set (but don’t delete the tile) the name of the table does not update. The fix would be to delete the tile and drag on a fresh input dataset tile. 

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  • Sorry, not sure I understand when you mean drag a fresh input data tile.  I tried clicking and dragging everything but always pops up the same select columns menu.  I deleted and re-added the same data input but the tile name changed to the file name.

  • Sorry.  I guess that I misunderstood your question.  Are you saying that you want the ETL to name the input data set something other than the actual name of that data set?


    In other words, you want to be able to use an input file called 'February Sales' and have the ETL label that 'Sales' or something along those lines?


    I'm not sure that is possible if that is the case.  I think that the screenshot that you showed where the table name does not match the input file name is a bug and is not functioning as intended. 


    I thought that you were wanting to fix the table name to match the file name, not the other way around. 

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  • Great. That helps. I believe that is what the issue is.