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I would love the ability to animate our data. Sometime moving graphs as it relates to time might be useful to tell a story. Also the ability to annotate a graph. Theses are some futurisitc features that I think can help tell a story for Pipeline metrics in pariciular. 

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  • @jfestejo0614 We have some features coming out in the near future that will certainly address this.  They will allow users to create cards that have interactions along with multiple metrics.  We will be talking more about this at our next user conference.

  • Awesome!

  • Updating this - we will be announcing some things at DomoPalooza in March.  Stay tuned!

  • That is awesome. Looking forward to a demonstration. 

  • @product_John @btm


    Was this feature released and if so where is the documentation?



  • This feature is available now to all customers.  The Design Studio and Dev Studio are both tools that allow customers to create Custom App designs and then connect those to data in Domo.


    More information can be found at

  •  This is great. What is be best way to engage with Domo on some training or highlevel overview of this feature? This is a bit more technical for my background as a super user of Domo. 

  • @jfestejo0614 Domo University has some courses that are available for this.  In addition, you can visit for detailed documentation.


    In terms of the original request that included Annotations, an announcemnt on that should be coming soon.

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    Hey there, i know this is an old topic -- but struggling to see how to animate the data. I see you can add design studio as an app, but in there i only really see options to create more graphical interfaces. 


    Specifically, I was hoping for a way to animate (play) the data back based on time - either in graph form or on a map. For example, if i was trying to map out when and where lightning strikes occured, and i had every geo-location of lightning strike with a data / time, I could play it back to show the movement of those strikes over the map. Right now - the map would show me all instances, and i could filter by a date/time... but ideally i could do something like this:


    Similarly, i'd like to be able to show data shift on a graph in the same way. Something like this :

    animated graph.gif


    Hopefully that makes some sense. Is this all doable via adobe and i just need to hunker down and teach myself how to do it? I couldn't find it in the videos in domoU, but that could be my ability (or, inability?) to search ?


    Any help appreciated - this would be an extremely beneficial feature if i could figure it out. Thanks! 

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