Beast Mode Syntax error

Hi, I would greatly appreciate some help with this beastmode. 


The idea is to calculate what % of the remaining sales quota for the quarter each open deal per salesperson is. I want to divide the Open deal value by (Quota - Value of all Won deals) 


100000--this is the quota, manual input


case when `Status` = 'Open' then (`Value` / (100000 - SUM(case when `Status` = 'Won' then `Value` else 0))) else 0 end


Thanks in advance!

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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    Try this


    sum(case when `Status` = 'Open' then `Value` Else 0 end)


    (100000 - SUM(case when `Status` = 'Won' then `Value` else 0 end))

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  • And to be careful, though unlikely to happen, you can protect against "divide by zero" errors:


    -- If denominator is zero, result is zero
    WHEN (100000 - SUM(CASE WHEN `Status` = 'Won' THEN `Value` ELSE 0 END)) = 0 THEN 0

    -- else, do the real calculation
    SUM(CASE WHEN `Status` = 'Open' THEN `Value`) ELSE 0 END)
    (100000 - SUM(CASE WHEN `Status` = 'Won' THEN `Value` ELSE 0 END))

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