Can you add background images to Domo Stories as was displayed in the examples at Domopalooza?

During the reveal at Domopalooza, the example was of a real cool bicycle company and there were graphics applied to the background of the page. I'm able to do a lot of great things in stories so far, but I don't see how to do that. I can only see where I can change the color of the background between gray and white.




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    I just confirmed with our CSM that this option is still in Beta and slated for release in a few months. 


    If you're in the Domo Beta program, may be worth seeing if you can get it turned on in your instance.





  • I was excited for the same feature. I've been playing in it all night and reading through documentation but I haven't found any options. I'd love this capability though. Maybe Domo forgot to throw the switch on that part??Smiley Wink

  • Following this thread.. Perhaps this is a feature that needs to be turned on by our CSM?

  • We're also interested in this. Perhaps it's coming when they unlock the ability to use any color for a background?

  • I thought the same thing but it could be a full Dashboard embeded in a website using the Domo Everywhere capability 

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  • Thanks for looking into that! I kinda figured it would be something like that.

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