How to create a Matrix table in DOMO



I have a table need... I have a matrix table created in PowerBI.


I am wondering if we can create it as well in DOMO.


I have attached a screenshot of it.


basically, showing the months of the quarter and grouped data per roll up.



Monthly Billable Hours.jpgCount of EE.jpg

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    Hello @WorldWarHulk,


    There are a couple ways to solve this problem using Domo's available features:


    The first and most dynamic/easy would to create a Sumo Card. 

    You can access these via Domo's universal add button (The + sign at the top of the secreen) and then selecting the "Sumo" option

    Add New.PNG
















    Assuming that your data is in a format similar to this:












    You will be able to build a Sumo card like this one below:













    The second and less optimal solution if you must use a table card would be to create a beastmode with a case statement for each month you are trying to display:


    That solution would look something like this:
































    Again, with Domo's current feature set I think the Sumo card will best fit your needs here, but they did announce some future release plans at DP19 that include more dynamic pivot tables that will hopefully be released in the future.


    Hope this helps!


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