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how can the filters be listed in that way highlighted in the screenshot attached for dashboards please?

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    I've tried taking out any data that was a beastmode and only used base information from the dataset.  I also removed every filter off of the card so that there would be no possibility of interference.


    It is still not filtering that card or any others.


    I've talked with my DOMO rep and he is asking that I be included in a beta for enchanced page filters and enchanced analyzer cards to see if that will fix the issue.  I don't know what the enhanced versions are, but it sounds like there will be some additional tools coming out.


  • The chart type you are looking for is Filters -> Slicer. 

    Hopefully that is what you're looking for.


  • How do we make these filters change the filtering for all of the cards in the dashboard?   As far as I can tell the interactive filtering is turned on and I've selected a field that is on the dataset and not a beastmode.  But when I select one of the filters it is not changing the other cards.


    <edited pages to cards>

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    I can second that and am having the same challenge as Benjamin. Even though the colum I am using to filter on the cards in my dashboard is used in other datasets powering other cards, the interactions only work on cards sharing the exact same dataset!

  • My filter card and my other cards in the dashboard are all from the same dataset and it still isn't filtering the other cards.

  • I'm having the same issue as everyone else and love it if this problem was solved. Stories seems really neat but just seems as if it was released to early. 

  • Could you go to Edit dashboard and then click on the arrow next to your filter card.  Select "Change Interaction"1.png



    Then send a screenshot of those settings?



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  • Good day Superman, 

         First, great video on the SVG and filters! Now here is my image of a filter. (See attached img). If I highlight over names on the filter then those names will be highlighted on other cards. However, I cannot filter by them. 



    Ex.PNG 43.9K
  • Here is the screenshot of those settings.  I've tried applying to all on the dashboard and also selecting the individual cards that I know are a part of the same dataset.



  • My next guess is to make sure that you are only filtering in one way on the card.


    Domo offers several layers of filters.  You can filter with page filters, filter cards, card level quick filters, and built in filters for a specific card (from the analyzer).


    In my experience, these filters don't all play nicely together.  If you are going to filter product type with a filter card, then you should not include the field in any of your other filters on that dashboard.


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  • I figured out my issue. Quite an easy and obvious one. It appears that I was filtering off of a calculated column and thus removed it and replaced with another column. Now it works great! Thank you for the help. 

  • Perfect. That is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. Solved!

  • What type of filter are you using? I noticed that the slicer filter works for me but not the radio button one. Seems somewhat strange. 

  • Hi,


    I created a card as a radio button. And then in the edit dashboard linked the radio button to the card which needs the filtering.

  • I've tried the date selector, the range selector by sliding along the date line, and i've tried the radio button selector as well.  I tried it against different points of data "store" or "date".   I've tried turning off interactions on the card i want it to edit.  I've tried changing the interaction of the card I want to edit to point to a different card so that it wouldn't be looking back to the filter card.  I tried changing the card I want to edit to have all interactions on.


    And i've also changed the filter card to filter ALL cards or select just the card i want it to filter.


    I'm not really sure what other alternatives there are on the settings to attempt?  I have a case pending with DOMO I think i'll have to let them take a look.

  • Do the cards that you are trying to filter use the same date field as an axis?

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  • I double checked and they all use the same date range field.  I did notice that my filter card did not have "use fiscal calendar" selected and the others do, however after making that change I did not see that it fixed the issue.

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