Domo Workbench Data Loading Error sending to non-users

We recently removed a user as an Admin from our DOMO site.  However, they are still receiving notifications on errors from the workbench.  Is there a way to remove them?  When we open the workbench job, under Notifications, the user name DOES NOT even appear as an option.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi @user09804  --


    Which version of Workbench are you running? Improvements have been made to notifications in the latest releases of Workbench 5. Some older versions of Workbench 4 did exhibit issues similar to what you describe.


    For this specific user, were they removed from your Domo instance, or was the permissions level just reduced? Even participants should show up in the notification list.


    If you export the job to a backup .JSON, then open it in your favorite reader. You'll see a list of email addresses configured to receive a notification upon job error by searching for "ErrorUserList". Try this -- add a user to your error notifications list, then save. Export the job to a backup .JSON again and see if the erroneous email address is still listed.


    If that doesn't work, and upgrading to the latest version of Workbench 5 does not work, let's get this over to our awesome Support team. Good luck and let me know what you end up finding.


  • Hi Cody, you are correct - when I exported the job, I do see the user in the notification settings.  For this user, we removed them completely from DOMO. 

    We are running Workbench 4.62. Our Account Setting is turn to Install Updates Automatically.

  • Just an update - we re-registered the user and their name appeared now on the dataset jobs which we were able to remove from notification.

    We are going to test next time there is an error to make sure they no longer get the notification before we remove them from DOMO.

    Thanks again.

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