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I have a dataset that has a column with the agent name that entry belongs to. There are dozens of repeats for each agent, as they deal with multiple businesses. Is there a way in a table card to have one of the columns only show the unique entries in that column, ie only show each agent once? I don't want to remove duplicates, as I need to run calculations on the data, but I just need to display each agent name once in a column on a table. Is there any way to do that?

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    Yes you can, but if you are showing a lot of columns it could be difficult. If any single column is aggregated then the others will only show unique values. 


    To test it simple just add two columns such as agent and count of `somethingelse`


    If this is your data:

    Agent    Amount  Product
    Jim 50 Box
    Jim 60 Bag
    Jim 40 Box
    Jenny 90 Box
    Jenny 80 Box

    The simplest card will look like this:

    Total = SUM(`Amount`)

    Agent Total
    Jim 150
    Jenny 170

    It only shows the Agent once because of the aggregated `Total` column. However if you add other columns they will affect it. If the card shows `Product` it will look like this:

    Agent    Product   Total
    Jim Box 90
    Jim Bag 60
    Jenny Box 170

    Jim shows twice because the combination of Jim+Product is unique. The table card will make sure all unique values are shown.


    You'll have to play with it to get the list you want but if the only non-aggregated column is `Agent` then you should only get each agent's name once.


    Extra Thought:

    In a table card you have the ability to hide columns. If you don't want the second column to show, so just a list of Agents only with no other columns, then you can hide it via Chart Properties > General > Hide Columns



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  • Yes you can make the name of the agent show only once in a table card by adding subtotal rows in the Chart properties and telling Domo to only "Show Group Name Once"

    See screenshot below

    Screen Shot 03-26-19 at 12.53 PM.PNG

    Domo Arigato!

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